This IS A Work Trip

I know… I know… we have been seeing + doing a lot of sweet stuff over here in the Southern hemisphere. Behind the scenes we have also been working VERY hard. By the time the trip is over we will have spoken five different times using four different presentations, and slept… well we haven’t done much of that. There is little time for it between preparing, practicing, and oh yeah… seeing all these places. 

Presentation #1 with Robin Ridley

The Intimate Crowd: Our first presentation was at a hipster restaurant located in the City Center of Johanessburg. Alive 2 Green arranged for us to speak with the folks at GIFA about FIT + Net Zero Building. For my non-HOK, non-architecture readers that essentially refers to the building blocks of sustainable cities + zero emissions buildings.

Making Final Tweaks to Presentation #1

The crowd was warm + welcoming and the intimate setting made it easy to get know them and chat over dinner as well.

The KAUST Presentation

The Big Show: The Greenbuilding Conference took place at the Sandton Convention Center (fancy and awesome) and was by far our largest crowd, over 650 people. Colin + I shared our KAUST project. And again for my non-HOK, non-architecture pals… KAUST is a mega-project in Saudi Arabia that had a fast tracked design + construction schedule. It is currently the world’s largest LEED Platinum project and first LEED project In-Kingdom. Translation: It is a ginormous sustainable project in an impossible climate. We got great feedback from the crowd, insightful questions, and made great contacts. SUCCESS!

Domaine Les Pailles

The Marathon: Our presentation in Mauritius yesterday was an extended version of Presentation #1 and an interactive work session for SIX HOURS. That is a long time people. Needless to say we were exhausted afterwards. It was an intimate setting, again, and one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to. It really represented the traditional colonial architecture of Mauritius.

The Repeat: Tomorrow we do one presentation, but twice in Dubai. And believe it or not, after that, I finally come home!

I promise the baby lions are on their way…



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