“Is it Raining, Is It Snowing…”

Those who know me well know of my obsession with candy, making my love for the ORIGINAL Willy Wonka + the Chocolate Factory no surprise. However, I will admit that as a child the boat ride scene creeped me out a bit. Two days ago during our last day in Johannesburg, Colin + I had our very own version of that ride.

Boat Ride at Cradle of Humankind

We went to an amazing world heritage site, Cradle of Humankind. The start of the tour is where we encountered the boat ride as it goes through water, earth, wind, + fire. It was rather hilarious and bizarre.

Colin going 'Round the World + Home Again'

Once you exit Gene Wilder’s world you enter an excellent education + exhibition space in their museum. (Very interactive and well thought out.)

Exhibition Space

Perhaps the ‘coolest’ object in the museum, in my opinion, is the fossil of a nest of dinosaur eggs. Each egg was at a different stage in the hatching process when a sand storm came along and the lil’ baby dinos ultimately met their demise. Take that Jurassic Park.

Dinosaur Egg Hatching Fossil

On top of the exhibition space, the site itself of the museum is rather incredible with amazing view of rural Africa.

Views of Africa

Stay tuned for the cutest post ever… we also managed to play with baby lion cubs on our last day.


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