Meet Colin Y’all

We are officially in Johannesburg, and I have now met my HOK travel buddy in person. Yep. That’s right. Colin and I had never met face-to-face  before this trip. We had exchanged emails during the elusive KAUST project (one of our presentations on this speaking gig), met via video conference a couple of months ago, and now have become fast friends. He even convinced me to give olives another try today. Turns out I like them.

Colin teaching me to like olives

We went on a couple of little adventures today. First stop was the Rosebank Market.  On Sundays they have an open air rooftop market with over 600 different stalls.

Masks at one of the booths

If Colin wouldn’t have been with me, I probably would have bought a new suitcase and filled it with some of these masks. I now can’t picture our dining room without these masks.

One of our favorite finds

They had these cool little cars, tractors, and airplanes made out of recycled soda cans.

The Entertainment

My favorite portion of the market was the spice section. The smell was incredible.

The Spice Section

From Rosebank Market we headed over to Constitution Hill. It was closed, but we were able to snoop around, take some photos, and get a bit of a tour from one of the guards. More on that in a later post.





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