T-minus Three Days

On Friday I leave for what is likely the highest profile trip series in “Thirty 4 Thirty”. I was asked by Alive 2 Green to participate in a speaking tour with my colleague, Colin Rohlfing, across South Africa, Mauritius, and Dubai. (More on my mad love for Alive 2 Green in a later post…) When they made the initial request, I was shocked… certainly they were looking for someone more high-profile. But, lil’ ole me is going… and I’m excited, honored, and TERRIFIED about the packing.

How do you pack for four destinations, nine flight segments, and a seventy degree temperature shift? My cousin Katie kindly reminded me that I’ve been training for this my whole life. TRUTH. My response to this dilemma has really revolved around buying new stuff for the trip. (Dan, forget what you just read.)

The purchases so far:

Case Logic Laptop Sleeve

Of course I got Magenta

I will not be checking a bag on this trip, and can’t justify my second bag only serving as a laptop case. You say, “WHAT!” I’m not checking a bag for a two-week trip? Friends – a life lesson for you… “A checked bag IS a lost bag.” Not to mention that I will only be flying Delta two legs, so no medallion status. I will be flying like a commoner. The horror.

Rebecca Beeson Travel Pants

Pants please arrive early

About a month ago, I was watching a segment on the Today Show before work called Jill’s Steals + Deals. They had these amazing travel pants, and they were on sale, and celebrities love them. I mean how could I NOT buy them. They mentioned three of my favorite things in the segment: travel, sales, and celebrities. The suggested ordering as soon as possible to ensure they would have enough of the inventory.  Purchasing right then seemed soon enough to me. Done and Done. The pants will arrive sometime next week. Oh well… I’m sure they will be great for my remaining trips this year.

Cute Travel Shoes

Love these

I heart these so much that I’m not even embarrassed that they are Dr. Scholl’s brand shoes.

I’m planning to update as often as possible while on this adventure! Stay tuned…



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4 responses to “T-minus Three Days

  1. Lovin’ This! YAY! Sooo happy for you. Can’t wait to hear/read/see more!

  2. Karen Goeckel

    Most importantly, did the pants arrive?

  3. There are no pants. I repeat. There are no pants. Urg.

  4. Dan

    hmmm. i really need to confiscate that credit card.

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